• Safety Philosophy — Prevention Guarantees Safety, Safety Brings Happiness

    Life is valueless, safety is blessing. We wish that all employees can work safely and live happily.
    Every safety accident can be prevented by careful evaluation. Any hidden hazard, however tiny it is, must be nipped at the bud.
    As safety responsibility is so important, all staff should learn and understand how to guarantee safety. We should strictly abide by the safety regulations, make safe behaviors a working and living habit of everyone, so as to guard a safe home of Fuda together.
    Occupational health and safety policy: Create a good working environment to make the employees safer and more healthy

  • Environment Philosophy — Respect the Nature, Pursue Green Development

    We advocate that the humankind should get along well with the nature, respect, revere and protect the nature and make our home of Fuda and the earth more beautiful.
    We pursue green development, fulfill our social responsibility, save resources and protect the environment. We actively implement the concepts of ecology and health, promote energy saving and environment protection, and build a green and healthy Fuda.
    Environment policy: Abide by environment protection regulations and assume the environmental and social responsibilities

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